Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well-Being, Energy, Balance.

I Am Beverley Byfield, and for several years now I have been on the path of seeking out, studying and teaching energy as a form of healing, a sense of well-being, and balance. I am fairly new at this Google Blogger forum, but as a part of the Virtual Marketing Team, was asked to blogg about what I know, and one of my mentors and spiritual friend in our Social Media Marketing group, Julie felt that my techniques and knowledge would help many people, Ask Bev Byfield, Many have and I love to help and counsil people.

You may ask what is energy, quite simply that is who you are, if you break down your cells, you will find molecules and atoms, break it down again you'll find protons and electrons, break it down to the smallest particles you will find tiny particles of light, all vibrating at a certain frequency and that is energy.

Every living being and natural product is made up of the very same thing. Energy!. When I first heard about this it made a lot of sense to me, but how does it relate to well-being?.

We, our physical body is very intricate and well designed, each cell, each organ, everything in our body is designed to find balance, if we are out of balance our system is designed to fight, whatever virus, bacteria, ailment, repair breakage, bring the body back into balance.

If our body is out of balance then we are at dis-ease, our body is not at ease. Where the symptons are is often dependent on where we are hold our stress.

Our body was designed in a way that the moment there is danger we go into fight or flight mode, and the body releases all the chemicals necessary to get us ready to fight or flight, at the same time the brain is assessing whether there is any real danger, if there is not then the body releases another set of chemicals to get rid of the first chemicals and bring the body back to normal mode. However in modern day society we have become bogged down with stress and go through this cycle on a constant basis, The body doesn't have time to get back to normal mode before we start the next stress cycle.

example, Where do you have pain right now?, is it in your shoulder. ask yourself are you shouldering a lot of burdens, carrying a lot of responsiblity, a lot of weight on your shoulders emotionally speaking? If you understand where you are at dis-ease then you can make a choice to un-burden yourself, let go, give yourself a break and change your thoughts, Where thought goes energy flows.

Thoughts! Ah! yes, that will be a whole eposide by itself, for now just know that we have hundreds if not thousands of thoughts (chatter in the head) in any given day, most of us cannot shut it off even when we are sleeping, when the body should be repairing itself. We are still stressing.

How do we shut it off? It takes practice just like anything else, We have to re-train the brain. A great way of doing that is through meditation. There are many techniques and all of these work to some degree. whether it is yoga, deep breathing, relaxation techniques or taking a long stroll in the park just admiring nature, if it takes you away from the stress for 1 minute or an hour your body is able to take that time to bring you back into balance. The more you do this, the more you'll find it easier. Ultimately We are here to ENJOY LIFE, Have fun, It's not all about Working, Paying bills and being Miserable about our life, It's about choices, experiences and CREATION.

If you don't like what you have created, then make a concious choice to change it, the opportunities even the people or things that are necessary to make that happen will present themselves. For now Make the choice to find well-being and balance in your life, The Energy' non form will create what you need to bring it to you.

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